Media, as one of the important pillars of democracy and civil society, has been and remains the major medium of information for public. Information has a power to shape people’s minds and therefore empower or manipulate people. Media helps governments become more accountable and responsive and can help people make informed decisions. For the media to play an active role in the development of a society, and play the positive role, it has to be neutral – therefore free, has to be professional – therefore fair. 

On the other hand, public is the producer of information which is cultivated by media and consumed by public again. In order for the information to be neutral, and have a positive influence, people need to be informed and protected to be able to express freely. 

EPF has implemented strategies in two main directions in support of free and fair media via:

  • Developing capacity of Media outlets, as civil society players; 
  • Promoting Freedom of Expression in Armenia.

During the past 15 years, EPF’s programs have helped build the human resource capacity of media, acquisition and installation of upgraded technical equipment in regional TV companies, breaking the monopoly of print media, diversifying media outlets from the capital to the remote communities of Armenia, building the management capacity for sustainable media outlets, reducing hate and aggressive rhetoric in media, promoting unbiased coverage and confidence building between journalists from Armenia and Azerbaijan, and, Armenia and Turkey.

In the recent years, the flow of information has increased due to the information technology taking literally all spheres of life and enabling many civic leaders to engage in media-related activities via online technologies. EPF utilizes the capacities of professional partners in Armenia such as the Media Initiatives Center, Yerevan Press Club and others to empower citizens of Armenia by promoting freedom to express and tools to produce information, therefore take an active stance in the movement of the country towards the better.

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