EPF believes a healthy democratic society has citizens with high level of responsibility, respecting each other’s rights and freedoms, taking part in elections with a sense of ownership, and taking a proactive approach to local challenges rather than reactive. What can be done to free people from any influence or political, ideological, nationalistic interests; to increase public participation in the development processes, to increase level of accountability and responsibility for self-driven actions or decisions?

With these questions in mind EPF plans and implements programs for a growing generation of decision-makers at individual level, or level of societal importance, who comprise more than 30% of Armenia’s population. – the young people.

Development of critical judgment and independent thinking among young people is one way to promote a proactive approach in such situations. This may work with especially younger generation, who are a considerable force in the process of democratizing nations. Through its programs, such as the YouthBank, Conflict Transformation Schools, InfoTun citizen journalism hubs, Mardamej social innovation events, critical thinking schools and others, EPF prepares young people to take on future challenges and be able to sustain the gains of the culture of democracy around the world.

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