Family Burns Bed and Table in Winter in Order Not To Get Cold



The four-member family of the Hayrapetyans lives in a run-down, dilapidated and damp house in the desolate area on the way from Yerevan to Ashtarak. The bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom are in the same room. They don’t have bed and table, as they burnt them in winter.

“I burnt the bed, as it was cold in winter and the children got cold. I also burnt the table, as we needed firewood,” says mother of the family, Naira Hayrapetyan. At present a piece of styrofoam serves as a bed.

The family lives on AMD 28 000 benefit. The couple sometimes work by daily pay. It is only enough for food.


“Children grow up, they need food, clothes. They like dairy very much, but I cannot buy.”

Naira is trying to find a stable job, but in vain, “No one hires me; they say they don’t want employees over 40.”

The only friend of 14-year-old Henrik and 10-year-old Hayk is a ball, and when they get tired of playing, they help their parents.


“We wash dishes, do the housework, cook,” say the boys.

Henrik wants to become a cook, Hayk- a policeman, but together they have a desire, “I would like to have a bigger house, I wish there was a place where there were children with whom we could play.”

Every day the boys walk 3 km in order to reach the closest secondary school. After the classes they attend day-care center of Ajapnyak, where they stay until the end of the day. The center is intended for day care of children from socially vulnerable families. The boys return home with difficulty, as here they have found their friends.