The free and legal private sector and the civil society sector emerged in Armenia in early 1990s, with establishment of the market economy and liberalization of the society.  The private sector mostly consisting of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) needed development assistance and technical support so that it becomes an effective, lawful, responsible and fair driver of economic growth in the country.

EPF promotes the advancement of democratic institutions and private sector relying on the belief that societies function best when citizens take responsibility for their own civic and economic future. Foundation programs seek to promote the skills and vision necessary to bring the greatest social and economic benefits to individuals and their societies.

Some of EPF’s achievements of the past 20 years include institutional development of chambers of commerce of Armenia, support to taxation reform and business advocacy, strengthening of business associations in Armenia, as well as promoting the idea of corporate social responsibility among businesses and social enterprise concepts among NGOs.

EPF’s programs and strategies have focused on the development of the vibrant and effective private sector, with focus on:

  • Improving business environment: fair governance, administration and taxation policies
  • Promoting private – public partnerships
  • Adopting the culture of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Promoting domestic and international connectivity in the region (Georgia, Armenia)
  • Supporting Advocacy measures for private sector: strengthening business associations
  • Capacity Building for Private Sector: publications  of textbooks and supporting research on aspects of private sector.

EPF’s programs (implemented between 2000-2014) include:

Capital Markets Development, Economics Education, Strengthening of Business Associations

Technology Transfer, Information Technologies Authorized Training Centers, Business Advocacy, Corporate Social Responsibility

Please visit our recent programs for more information:

  • Support to Armenia-Turkey Rapprochement
  • Development of Social Enterprises
  • Cross Border Economic Development (Armenia – Georgia)
  • Enhancing Economic Ties with Turkey
  • Youth-Led Entrepreneurship