The Citizen Engagement Lead will be pivotal in fostering partnerships with civil society organizations, media outlets, influential individuals, and a broad network of activists. This role is essential for ensuring that citizens remain engaged, well-informed, and empowered. By actively leading and collaborating, this position will ensure that the voices of the Armenian people are woven into governance and reform initiatives. He/she will serve as the bridge between government goals and public engagement, maintaining communication that is clear, transparent, and effective. This role will champion approaches that are centered on the citizens within the overarching communication strategies of the Armenian government.

Through its “EU4Youth: Student Democracy Now” project, funded by the EU, EPF promotes the establishment of various types of student unions ensuring involvement of students of various social backgrounds to educate them on students’ rights protection.

The Assistant /Grants Assistant (AGA) is responsible for daily accounting and paperwork, preparing payments, preparing agreements, reviewing grant applications, preparing grant agreements, monitoring grantees’ financial reports, executing of site visits

The finance/Grants Assistant (FGA) is responsible for assisting in organization’s financial and administrative transactions, with focus on grants administration. These include: reviewing grant applications, conducting due-diligence related to document review, verification, preparing grant agreements, managing grant installments, amendments, monitoring of financial, procurement processes, conducting site visits, updating the automated grants management database. The GA serves as the contact point with grantees re reporting and oversight requirements.

The ‘Rapid Response’ competitive grant opportunity is part of the ‘Crisis Response: Stage 2’ programme implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation. Interested applicants should submit to EPF their innovative project ideas addressing the multiple crises that Armenia finds itself in, including Armenia-Azerbaijan relations and the Nagorny Karabakh problem, and falling into one or more of the following thematic areas:  Crisis response, Conflict transformation and Human rights protection.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) is looking for talented and skilled copywriters/copyeditors for producing high-quality, compelling and engaging content that resonates with our stakeholders, partners and donors. We are looking for a native English speaker, desirably with experience in nonprofit and international development area, particularly in/for Armenia. She/he will work collaboratively with EPF’s senior leadership, communications and program teams, the fundraiser and EPF partners (if any).