Partnership for Justice Reform




Eurasia Partnership Foundation (the lead), in partnership with Human Rights Power (HRP) and Helsinki Association for Human Rights (HAHR) is implementing a Partnership for Justice Reform project. The goal of the project is to contribute to the judicial reform in Armenia through strengthening capacities of civil society and mass media in order to improve the efficiency of courts, ensure public oversight and establish cooperation platforms. Specific objectives of the project are: (1) strengthening the alternative dispute resolution (ADR), institutes of probation and guardianship; (2) increasing the capacities of CSOs and media to oversee the course of the reforms; (3) boosting cooperation and proper communication between state institutions and civil society.

The activities include, but are not limited to, a series of baseline research on ADR, probation service, guardianship and trusteeship committees, Supreme Judicial Council, advocacy meetings with stakeholders and decision-makers, production of Public Service Announcements (PSAs), a series of capacity-building trainings and workshops, publications of various manuals, etc.

The project will cover entire Armenia, work with policy level and the government as well as grassroots, and address the judicial reform via engaging in it all layers of the society, as well as international expertise. Flexibility, sustainability, rapid response and complementarity with other activities will be achieved via the network, as well as provision of sub-grants to support proposals from CSOs other than the Consortium partners. The project will benefit from the declared strategic readiness of the new government to cooperate with civil society on an unprecedented degree.

The project will result in the enhancement of quasi-judiciary and alternative mechanisms; increased trust within the society vis-à-vis the judiciary and respect for legal knowledge; decreased case load; sustainable cooperation between government and civil society on judicial reform; and new cadre of legal reform specialists from civil society and media.