Promoting Religious Tolerance and Non-discrimination in Armenia (2015-2017)

“Promoting Religious Tolerance and Non-discrimination in Armenia” project started in August 2015 and was implemented with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia and Armenia. It aimed at promoting the fight against discrimination in Armenia through drafting a comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation, addressing the issues of religious minorities, increasing the awareness of civil society and government on problems of discrimination and intolerance and supporting impartial media coverage on the topic. Within the project, EPF together with the Ministry of Justice of Armenia EPF created a working group which developed a draft law on “On Equality”. The draft law was later discussed and improved through consultations with a number of NGOs and later submitted to the Ministry of Justice for consideration. Other project activities included studying the roots of tolerance and/or intolerance in the Armenian literature which was published in Fall, 2017, trainings on non-discrimination in Armenian regions and remote areas, organizing a regional conference on freedom of religion or belief (FoRB), organizing annual media awards to praise best coverage for religious tolerance issues and many others.