Call for Trainer(s) in PR and Marketing. Cross-Border Economic Development (CED) project (closed)

Cross–Border Economic Development (CED) Project

Training in PR and Marketing

In order to facilitate the transaction between business entities from Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli and Armenia’s Tavush regions, the CED project is looking for a qualified trainer or a team of trainers to deliver a two-day training workshop in Public Relations (PR) and Marketing for a group of 15-20 entrepreneurs from Tavush region of Armenia.


The participants of the training should learn the basics of effective and efficient PR and Marketing in a cross-border setting that features linguistic diversity, limited consumer capacity and diverging national regulatory frameworks. 


The CED project’s team expects that the training will comprise several sessions each addressing one or more of the following issues:  

  • Basics of PR and Marketing
  • Traditional means of PR and Marketing
  • Role of modern multimedia in effective and efficient PR and Marketing
  • Correlation between effective PR and Marketing AND increased profitability of companies
  • Cases of effective and efficient PR and Marketing in Tavush region of Armenia and the bigger region
  • Similarities and differences in consumer behaviour in urban and rural areas
  • Similarities and differences in consumer behaviour in Georgia and Armenia
  • Cases of successful PR and Marketing of Armenian producers (service providers) in the Georgian market.

The training should also provide for an individual or group practical assignment, so that the participants could elaborate on cases of real-life PR and Marketing activities for their own businesses.

Process and Deliverables

The proposal should feature:

  • proposed methodology and the two-day agenda of the training workshop;
  • trainer’s rate;
  • outline of the material for distribution including per- and post-training evaluation questionnaire;
  • trainer(s) past experience (CVs);

Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. 

How to apply

The applicants should submit their proposals in Armenian or in English to Varsik Nerkararyan at [email protected] no later than end of the working day on September 26, 2016. Please mention this ToR and your name in the subject line of the email delivering your application (e.g. Application - PR and Marketing - Aram Aramyan). In case of questions you can email or call Varsik Nerkararyan (e-mail: [email protected]; mobile: 095 25 15 63).

The Terms of Reference can be downloaded here.