The Presentation of an Online Media Guide for Religious Tolerance at EPF premises

On June 21th at 14:00 a presentation of updated online media guide for religious tolerance and websites was held at EPF premises. The web resources are developed by Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Media Initiatives Center and “Collaboration for Democracy” NGO trough support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Armenia and Georgia. website is an online platform that aims to provide theoretical and practical tips for journalists, bloggers and other stakeholders in covering issues of religion and non-discrimination. Kronadaran is composed of glossary of terms related to religion, library, jurisprudence and history of religion, thematic and journalistic quizzes. Kronadaran also provides updated information on religious organizations of Armenia and their contacts. website highlights religious issues in Armenia within the legal, academic, political and theological context. A considerable space is provided for the historical analysis. The platform is bilingual, however the press review section is composed of three sections in Armenian, English and Russian. The website is comprised of “library”, “gallery” “religions of Armenia” and other sections. A special section is dedicated to the legal issues of the field: legislation, reports, research studies, etc.

Both web sites are refurbished as a part of “Promoting Religious Tolerance and fight against discrimination in Armenia” project with support of the Embassy of the Netherlands. The project aims at promoting religious tolerance and fight against discrimination in Armenia through drafting a comprehensive legislation, increasing awareness of the civil society and the government on the problems of discrimination and supporting unbiased media coverage.

Journalists specializing in religious issues, representatives from Delegation of the EU to Armenia, U.S. Embassy, RA Ministry of Justice, Ombudsman’s office and other persons interested in the area attended the presentation followed by the question and answer session.