The 15th Issue of CCCS Analytical Bulletin is Published

The 15th issue of the Analytical Bulletin contains five peer-reviewed articles and two book reviews that concentrate on the Caucasus and the Middle East and critically analyzes social, cultural, religious, and political perspectives and developments in these regions. Some of the articles seek to stimulate social and political debate on current and historical issues of the Caucasus and the ME regions while the others concentrate on current issues examining them in depth.

We are happy to announce, that one of book reviews is contributed by Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan, EPF Director. In this review, Mr. Ter-Gabrielyan reflects upon EPF University series, its overarching aim, its history and prospects. The bulletin is available online here!

EPF Series presented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan, pp 94-110