A movie screening on anti-discrimination and discussion held by EPF

On July 29, Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) held a movie screening of an educational documentary film on anti-discrimination  in Ijevan Infotun, followed by a discussion with Ijevan city youth. The discussion was facilitated by Anush Margaryan, the manager of the “Promoting Religious Tolerance and Non-Discrimination in Armenia” project, who also provided more detailed information on various types of discrimination, affirmative actions and requirements inherent to a specific work which do not constitute discrimination. The movie screening provoked an active debate among participants, who shared their perceptions of the concept of discrimination, instances where they have been discriminated against, and ways of tackling discriminatory treatment in Armenia, especially against vulnerable groups of society. It is noteworthy that the majority of participants agreed on the approach that every individual needs the chance to flourish and play a part in society no matter how different he/she might be from others.

They also agreed that in order to overcome discriminatory treatment in a Armenia, all-encompassing legislation backed by an environment of tolerance, acceptance, understanding and mutual respect should be in place, and that education is crucial in reducing the ignorance and fear that cause unfair discrimination and prejudice.

The “Promoting Religious Tolerance and Non-Discrimination in Armenia”  project is implemented by EPF with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Armenia and Georgia. The project aims at promoting the fight against discrimination in Armenia through the drafting of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation, increasing the awareness of civil society and government on problems of discrimination and supporting impartial media coverage on the topic. As a part of the project, EPF developed a wide range of media products, including an educational film on anti-discrimination - a short movie depicting the concept, the grounds, and types of discrimination, as well as legislative gaps in Armenia and solutions. It received positive feedback from CSOs, many of which shared it on their online platforms. The film provoked a debate and thus became a valuable tool for examining the stereotypes and concerns prevalent in Armenian society on anti-discrimination issues.