Vacancy Announcement - Consultant/Team of Consultants for Baseline Study - Cross–Border Economic Development (CED) (Closed)

Cross–Border Economic Development (CED)




Terms of Reference

November 10, 2015


EPF is looking for a Consultant or a Team of Consultants who will conduct a Baseline Study covering Tavush region of Armenia and Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia and aiming to explore the existing cross-border trade and investment regulations in both countries, mutual investment opportunities, as well as identify local businesses that can benefit most from the cross-border cooperation.


The Baseline Study will comprise of two stages - a Desk Research and a Field Work.


The key deliverables of the consultancy are:


  1. a) The methodology of the Desk Research.
  2. b) The methodology of the Field Work.
  3. c) The final report in English that synthesizes the results of the desk research and field work in both Armenia and Georgia.


For more details please see the Terms of Reference.