Mapping Research Desk study (closed)


PURPOSE OF JOB: To conduct mapping research in Turkey to identify the trade and cooperation potential between dairy, dried fruits and green house sectors for agribusinesses from Armenia and Turkey.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The researcher(s) will conduct the desk-research, identify the geography to be covered by the Project, develop methodology and research questions and conduct the actual research in Turkey. Mapping of the trade and input/technology exchange potential between Armenian and Turkish agricultural, in particular in Dairy, Dried fruits and Green house industries. Development of an action plan that includes recommendations based on the results of the analysis.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum 5 years’ experience in agri-business & agriculture marketing; understanding of agri-business marketing both government and private markets knowledge of agro-marketing reforms changing policy and legislative environment; work experience with private traders, companies, farmers in Turkey or in Armenia; understanding of research/consulting methodologies; etc.

TO APPLY: Please send a letter of intent, and a detailed CV in Armenian and/or English, to [email protected][email protected] before December 20, 2014 at 18:00. Please make sure to indicate EETT Mapping Research in the subject field.