GOOD GOVERNANCE: Two new InfoTuns were opened in Ararat and Vayk within the scope of CELoG, program, supported by the USAID. InfoTuns are resource and training centers for local population. EPF organized study visit to Estonia to learn best practices of local governance. Moreover, EPF produced two educational cartoons, on local governance.

MEDIA: Within the MICE, program, supported by the USAID, EPF organized Mardamej Social Innovation Days in 8 InfoTuns situated in 8 regions of Armenia. As a result around two dozens of projects were funded. The projects focused on bettering local governance, transparency and solving community issues. Only in six InfoTuns more than 250 events (trainings on media literacy, capacity building and debate skills) were organized with the involvement of more than 4000 participants. Within the scope of the program local media organizations were supported to develop policies on fact checking and news verification, as well as to make media production.

PEACEBUILDING: EPF began implementation of ‘Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process: Stage Two’ program, funded by the European Union. A group of Armenian and Turkish architects visited Artvin to map Armenian cultural heritage. The group will prepare a report mapping all the cultural sites and providing recommendations concerning possible renovation works. Young YouthBankers from different regions of Armenia and Turkey gathered in Armenia to discuss future joint projects to improve not only relations between Armenians and Turks, but also raise community issues and find solutions.

HUMAN RIGHTS: EPF in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice developed a draft law on Equality. After discussions with the Armenian civil society organizations and considering the feedback they provided, EPF provided the final draft to the Ministry of Justice. The law is expected to be adopted in 2017. The development of the law is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Armenia.

EPF developed a toolkit, and organized training for CSOs on how to work with UN Human Rights bodies which is a part of the project ‘Raising Awareness of UN Human Rights Mechanisms among Armenian Civil Society Organizations’, funded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). EPF was able to invite Morse Flores from OHCHR, who provided extensive two-day pro bono training for the Armenian civil society representatives.

EPF organized annual media award for journalists covering religious tolerance issues. Around 10 journalists received prizes for the best stories.