Naira Avetisyan

Former Chief of Child Protection Programme, UNICEF Ukraine

Dr. Naira Avetisyan is an international expert in child development, disability, welfare and social protection with over 30 years of experience. She has Doctoral degree in Developmental Paediatrics and postdoctoral specialisation in Child Neurology, Clinical Genetics and Disability (Yerevan State Medical University, Harvard and Emory Medical Schools, USA).  In addition, she has postgraduate trainings in Public Policy, Advocacy and Partnerships for Children’s Rights (Maastricht School of Governance, Netherlands) and in Special Needs/Inclusive Education (Oslo University, Norway).

Naira has been in her current position of Chief of Child Protection Programme in UNICEF Ukraine since December 2017.  In the past, she worked with UNICEF from 1999 to end 2012 in Armenia, Moldova, Vietnam and Syria. In 2013, she joined the Council of Europe Office in Armenia as Deputy Head of the Office and left the organisation in mid- 2016 moving to UNICEF East Asia/Pacific Regional Office based in Bangkok as regional adviser. Throughout her career, Naira was engaged in the management of programmes in the field of child rights, human rights, social welfare/protection, rule of law and democracy. Prior to her international career, Naira was involved in clinical and academic programmes serving children.