Invited Grants Provided Within the Framework of Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms

Aragatsotn InfoTun- Lyupin NGO

Thematic focus: Education, violence prevention, youth integration, rethinking Soviet architecture in regional cities.

  1. Integration of methods of non-formal education in schools. The InfoTun will cooperate with several schools and kindergartens in Talin community and study the situation there.   ToTs for elementary school teachers and kindergarten mentors will be conducted and cooperation with Student Councils will be established.  
  2. Needs assessment of students and young people who have behavioral problems and bad habits will be conducted and integration methods, such as engagement on various projects including volunteering and social work will be applied.
  3. The InfoTun will engage experts to teach community actors the methodologies and research tools necessary for the evaluation of the reasons, expressions and preventive measures for the cases of violence mainly in sphere of secondary education. This will be followed by a study and development and addressing of recommendations to the relevant institutions.
  4. The InfoTun will engage activists in studying the history and the context of building built in Soviet times that have architectural, functional or perceptional significance and opportunities for reinterpretation and rebranding of these buildings will be discussed. These ideas will be projected via 3D modelling tools and introduced to the community members and the LGs.  

Ararat InfoTun- Colson NGO

Thematic focus: Violence prevention and anti-discrimination, ethnic minorities, conflict of interest, anti-plagiarism.

  1. Present and compare the role and engagement of Yezidi women in the USSR and RA labor markets by collecting and presenting their stories.
  2. Increase civil society activism and level of self-awareness in the fight against violence and discrimination by consulting with field experts and announcing essay and multimedia products competitions among school-children.
  3. Increase civil society activism and self-awareness on corruption and conflict of interest cases through organizing anti-corruption schools for LG bodies.
  4. Increase the role of academic literacy, creative writing and copyright protection among teachers and students, and reduce the risks of plagiarism in secondary schools in Ararat region via introduction of these issues in the schools to both students and teachers.

Armavir InfoTun- Armavir Development Center NGO

Thematic focus: Conflict of interest on LG level, system of education, civic journalism and media literacy.

  1. Promote involvement of civil society in the monitoring of conflict of interest cases in decisions made by Armavir local self-government bodies, followed by development and introduction of CoI policies on local level.
  2. Addressing expressions of violence, bullying and anti-discrimination in school system via organization of workshops for teachers followed by support to implementation of small teachers’ projects. Teachers club will be formed after the workshops that will address four main directions: critical thinking and media literacy, bullying at schools, plagiarism and academic integrity, inclusive education for vulnerable groups.  
  3. Addressing fake media and media manipulations via development of media literacy skills, and support to civic journalists in developing their content in a more professional manner. Trainings for civic journalists and video lectures be organized by the InfoTun under this component.


Gyumri InfoTun- KhoranArd NGO

Thematic focus: Violence prevention, anti-corruption and 20th century heritage.

  1. Study the role of the local authorities in resolving inter-residential, family and neighbor conflicts and records of violence in Sarapat, Amasia, Ashotsk communities and reveal how the non-formal function of “dispute resolver” affects the tradition of LG.
  2. Conduct a comparative analysis to identify the extent to which the community development plans and the community needs coincide with each other in Sarapat, Amasia, Ashotsk communities. The analysis will be followed by development and presentation of suggestions and recommendations for the relevant stakeholders.
  3. Prepare and publicize the documents related to the 24 most significant historical and cultural buildings constructed in Soviet and post-Soviet times in Gyumri as a means of preventing the possible interventions that would distort their architectural appearance.

Ijevan InfoTun- Ijevan Infotun NGO

Thematic focus: Violence prevention and anti-discrimination, rethinking 20th century, conflict of interest, anti-plagiarism.

  1. In cooperation with the academic community develop and teach a module on academic integrity in the 1st and 2nd academic years, introduce effective anti-plagiarism systems through close cooperation with YSU Ijevan branch.
  2. Study possible manifestations of conflict of interest cases in the local self-government system and develop guidelines for further behavioral change.
  3. Initiate establishment of a violence and crime prevention body adjacent to the local self-government bodies which will serve as inter-institutional communication entity to discuss issues related to crime and violence expressions in the community on regular basis and to jointly develop strategies and action plans to address the issues revealed. It is anticipated that the body will engage representatives of the LG, police, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, civil society, etc. 
  4. Mapping and digitalizing the information about the cultural and historic monuments placed in the Sculpture park and other parts of the city, study the history of the Soviet-era monument symposium and introduce it to the younger generation. Discuss the possibility of relaunching the symposium to boost the cultural life in the city.


Kotayk InfoTun- Child and Family Development NGO

Thematic focus: Corruption in medical institutions, anti-plagiarism, urban and industrial architecture of 20th century.

  1. Approach anti-corruption in government procurement system through monitoring of state services in public healthcare system and studying corruption cases in medical institutions in Kotayk region.
  2. Fight against plagiarism through introduction of academic integrity principles to students and teachers via series of trainings, which will be followed by development of an anti-plagiarism manual for the schools in Hrazdan community.
  3. Rethink the Soviet past of Hrazdan through studying abandoned industrial buildings remained from the Soviet period and offer alternative ideas for using these building.


Martuni InfoTun- Martuni Women Community Council NGO

Thematic focus: Culture, rethinking the 20th century.

  1. Study and introduce the cultural life of Martuni region during Soviet times, existing restrictions and repressions on culture at that time, their impact on cultural life in general and the current situation.
  2. Study the current cultural life of the villages of Martuni region, available resources and opportunities for rethinking the cultural life and the functional features of the Community Culture Houses, develop proposal package to be addressed to the local authorities.
  3. Create a new environment for activating the cultural life in the region through capacity building activities for the staff of Community Culture Houses in Martuni.


Syunik InfoTun- Goris Press Club NGO

Thematic focus: Violence prevention, coverage on 20th century, conflict of interest policies on local level.

  1. Study the history of Soviet-era repressions in Syunik region and introduce the results to the wider public to boost the discourse on democracy and human rights prevention. The InfoTun team will hold focus group discussions and interviews, conduct desk research to collect the necessary materials for the topic, InfoTun will also engage representatives of expert community to provide methodological support on data collection and analysis. One of the selected methods for the study is the collection of oral narratives from the families from Syunik Region, who underwent repressions.
  2. Monitoring and analysis of CoI cases on local level via conducting a case study in Tegh community.The study will be followed by development of policies and procedures and introduction of these documents to the local authorities and active community members.


Vanadzor InfoTun- NGO Center NGO

Thematic focus: Violence prevention and anti-discrimination, Rethinking the 20th century, conflict of interest, violence in educational institutions.

  1. Improve public spaces’ management system in Vanadzor through capacity building of young people in civic and investigative journalism and revealing conflict of interest cases recorded in decisions made by LG bodies.
  2. Promote creativity and self-development of young people through introduction of academic integrity principles and development and adoption of anti-plagiarism systems in educational institutions.
  3. Promote self-expression of young film-makers through development of video materials and short documentaries revealing the history of Soviet Vanadzor focusing on such issues as architecture, culture and industry.
  4. Addressing bullying, discrimination and violence in educational institutions. InfoTun will engage activists in developing visual materials (posters and commixes) on the issue and disseminate them in schools and VET institutions on addressing issues. Series of trainings on prevention of violence in educational institutions will be organized for the teachers and students of 6 selected educational institutions.


Vayk InfoTun- Work and Motherland NGO

Thematic focus: Education, urban planning, coverage on 20th century.

  1. Ensure high quality education in educational institutions through building students’ academic capacities, namely, data collection and analysis, academic writing, avoiding plagiarism, developing quality academic papers, etc. Series of trainings will be organized for the students of Higer and VET institutions of the region with engagement of representatives of academic community.
  2. Raise Vayk LG and citizens’ understanding on “Green and smart cities” concept and develop and advocate for adaptation of “Green and smart city” strategy for Vayk community.
  3. Rethink the Soviet era in the context of space management, youth centers activity, educational and cultural systems functioning in Soviet times.

The text was updated on May 30, 2022


"Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms” project is implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation with the support of Swedish Government.