Improvement of Local Strategies of Crisis Management and Public Protection in Syunik region


“Journalists for the Future” NGO, Goris Press Club NGO and “Rainbow” Leaders Educational Center hold the project of Improvement of Local Strategies of Crisis Management and Public Protection in Syunik region (hereinafter ProPublic project), which started in June of 2021 and with expected end date by June of 2022. 

The project is implementing within the Data for Accountable and Transparent Action Program (DATA) supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

ProPublic project aims to strengthen the strategic developments for local authorities in Syunik region. For planning the further activities, by voicing about the vital issues during the period of processing the strategy, done by the local authorities of Syunik region, it is essential to study and analyze the needs of the population of Syunik region, meet the expectations and the opportunities considering agricultural, health, educational, security and other fields including the Local Authorities, Civil Society organizations and concerned parties. Those participants will research and process local growth concept.  

With the help of persistent and efficient activity of local authorities, there are possible developing strategies. However, those strategies are not that much researched as quite often those programs are just reproduced and duplicated from the former documents without properly studying and investigating the existing situation. As the result, those projects become unrealistic from the perspective of investments and grant implementations. At the same time, the community is unaware of the expected actions and completing deadlines, planned by the local authorities.

The goal of the ProPublic project is to contribute to identification of problems of vital importance for safe, secure and healthy living of the population of Syunik Region and their inclusion into the LG strategies. The Project will consider the consequences of the war and the global pandemic COVID-19, and public protection measures that surfaced as necessary.

As a result, CSOs, LG, experts, the public will cooperate together to develop and introduce public protection and crisis management strategies in the agenda and programs of local governments in Syunik region

ProPublic project will contribute to strengthen the strategies of local authorities of Syunik region by assessing community needs, analyzing the situation and introducing the vital actions for the period. Then, it will support the cooperation between Local authorities and CSOs` building relations and including them to develop policy strategies and tactics.

ProPublic project plans to:

  • Research the human security concepts in the governmental system
  • Raise awareness about the human protection by media publications
  • Conduct a study evaluating and introducing the crisis response strategies for the population of Syunik region
  • Develop a strategy for efficiently managing the emergency situations
  • Advocacy activities towards Local authorities to implement the strategic document for future

For further information, please join the Facebook group of ProPublicProject . Also, contact via [email protected] or by phone 096-20-45-67.