Reducing Media Bias in Armenia and Turkey (2006 - 2009)

Project goal: To assess accuracy and bias in media reporting on the bilateral relationship between Armenia and Turkey and foster a cooperative network of editors, journalists and media NGOs from the two countries as a platform for reducing bias.

One way to develop mutual understanding among Armenian and Turkish citizens is to improve the quality and accuracy of media coverage in both countries on issues related to bilateral relations. High rates of media consumption in Turkey and substantial coverage of Armenia-Turkey relations by the Armenian press suggest that improving the accuracy and quality of media coverage in both countries will generate support among policy makers and the general public for improved bilateral relations.

In order to build confidence between Armenia and Turkey through increasing awareness of common issues and supporting partnership initiatives, EPF supports independent research, conferences and discussion, and partnership programs. As part of that effort, EPF launched a project which seeks to build ties and spark discussion among important stakeholders in Armenia and Turkey. EPF‚Äôs program brings together Armenian and Turkish participants with a stake in potentially highly-charged issues as a first step toward regular cross-border dialogue. The project, supported by Norwegian Government and USAID is implemented in partnership with Global Political Trends Center (GPoT) of the ńįstanbul K√ľlt√ľr √úniversitesi.


The project began with qualitative research on media bias in Armenia and Turkey.

Please download the research from here:

Summary of Armenian-Turkish joint report 

GPoT’s final report on media bias in Turkey

CJTeam’s report on media bias in Armenia