Enhancing the Impact of Civil Society Development project


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The collaboration between Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) and the Embassy of Sweden in Yerevan continues into the second stage of the “Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms” program. The goal of the “Enhancing the Impact of Civil Society Development” project is to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of the civil society sector in responding to crises and driving impactful change towards a more resilient, sustainable and technologically advanced society. The project commenced in June 2023, its duration is 24 months. The project is designed to offer multidimensional ways for CSO capacity building to ensure sustainable development of the individual organizations as well as the CS sector as a whole.

The goal of the project will be achieved through the implementation of the following objectives:

  1. To support the development of CSOs’ internal capacities and work practices through strategic consultations and mainstream trainings;
  2. To support CS sector development effectiveness through strategic retreats, rapid response grants scheme, advocacy and research to contribute to the impact of CSOs on reform.

To reach these objectives, EPF will hold several key activities, including

Provision of a series of mainstream trainings to CSOs:

To develop the internal capacities of CSOs and boost their preparedness in crisis situations, EPF will provide a series of mainstream trainings to its beneficiaries. The topics of the mainstream trainings range from gender mainstreaming, anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, communication, diversity and inclusion to emergency preparedness, first aid and IT security.

Provision of individual consultations to beneficiary CSOs:

EPF will hold individual consultations with CSOs, collectively assess their capacities, and develop their development strategies using its Capacity Enhancement Tool (CET).

Organization of annual strategic retreats for CSOs:

EPF will organize 3-day-long strategic retreats with CSOs to discuss the development needs of the sector, evaluate the impact that CSOs make and think of ways for amplifying it. The retreats will allow CSOs to reflect on the development of the sector, re-evaluate their strategies and programs, network and find common areas for collaboration, implement joint advocacy, develop and apply a holistic approach to program design and implementation, and plan for sustainability of their achievements.

Provision of subgrants to CSOs:

The sub-granting scheme supports new initiatives, provides rapid response to emerging needs, as well as other important ideas that cannot be funded through other sources. When determining the themes for the grant competition, the project team uses the analysis of previous grants and EPF’s strategic goals. Detailed information about the subgrants provided within the project can be found here.

Conducting a research on learning practices and effectiveness:

One of the key activities envisaged in the project is to conduct a study on “How People Learn”. The findings of this study will enable formal and non-formal educators to enhance their teaching methodologies and adapt their curricula to incorporate new and effective learning approaches.

Enhancement of CSOs international advocacy instruments and efforts:

EPF will work with CSOs to enhance their efforts to advocate using international instruments such as the UN human rights schemes.

For further details and communication, please visit EPF’s website and social media pages.