SUB-GRANTS provided within the framework of “Enhancing the Impact of Civil Society Development” project

Armenian Research Center in Humanities (ARCH)

Budget: 4.800.000 AMD

The Armenian Research Center in Humanities places significant emphasis on investigating the structure of Armenian society through both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. A primary focus is delving into civic initiatives and movements, which have held a pivotal position in Armenia’s public life since 2007. These initiatives require comprehensive and in-depth examination. On one hand, these movements have arisen with the goal of addressing pressing social issues crucial to Armenia, such as environmental protection, efficient transportation, and preservation of public spaces. They stand in opposition to the vested interests of oligarchic political agendas. On the other hand, they are instrumental in shaping new civil agendas that challenge the programs set forth by traditional political forces.

The proposed “Electronic Database of Civic Movements for Armenian Society” project is structured into two main components. The first part is dedicated to establishing an electronic repository encompassing primary and secondary sources related to civil initiatives. These resources will be made accessible through the ARCH's website, enhancing public dissemination of crucial information. The second part comprises three comprehensive studies focusing on fundamental aspects of civic movements and their role in the evolving civil society of contemporary Armenia.


Goris Press Club NGO    

Budget: 4,800,000 AMD

The “Zangezur” daily newspaper was an active publication from 1937 to 2000, capturing and chronicling the narratives of the Goris region and its neighboring villages during that period. Within its pages lie a treasure trove of significant stories that shed light on the cultural, social, and demographic history of Syunik.

The “Turning Over the History of Syunik” project proposes to digitally preserve these documented stories, ensuring their safe archiving and widespread sharing with society. In addition to capturing local histories, the newspaper extensively covered crucial events and developments related to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Azerbaijan's Lachin territory.


Investigative Journalists NGO   

Budget: 7,600,000 AMD

The “Civilpedia: Enriching Wikipedia with Articles on Civil Society” initiative has the objective of generating and enhancing approximately 100 articles concerning civil society, encompassing its various forms and values, within the Armenian Wikipedia. This initiative aims to enhance awareness of civil society among the Armenian population.

Involving 30 participants, the project will not only focus on textual articles but also prioritize the creation of audio versions of these articles to cater to the modern preference for audiovisual content. These audio versions will be integrated into all articles, enhancing accessibility and engagement. To equip participants with essential skills and knowledge, the project will provide training sessions covering both wiki editing skills and topics related to civil society. Additionally, the initiative will produce informative short videos to promote and elucidate the concept of civil society.


Nexus Intellect Research NGO  

Budget: 2,800,000 AMD

The primary aim of this project is to strengthen Armenian CSOs by developing a comprehensive collection of articles that shed light on how they can effectively participate in 15 prominent international forums, including notable events such as the UN Climate Change Conferences, OSCE HDIM, and the UN Women's Conferences.

Each article will be based on an in-depth examination of pertinent literature. For instance, the article dedicated to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Assembly of States Parties will, among other things, provide insights into the Amicus Curiae procedure, illustrating how CSOs can offer legal expertise and contextual understanding in ongoing ICC cases. The project aims to create or refine a total of 30 Wikipedia articles.Before publication on Wikipedia, each article will undergo a thorough review process led by experts in the respective domain. Following consultation with the donor, the project will be promoted through the applicant's media partner.


“National Archives of Armenia” State Non-Profit Organisation     

Budget: 7,600,000 AMD

Recognizing the significance of disseminating archival records concerning Yerevan's historical and cultural edifices, societal advancement, and homeland knowledge, establishing an online platform (website) becomes imperative. This platform will serve as a scientific database, offering access to uncovered, researched, cataloged, and digitized documents to the public.

Additionally, the project encompasses the establishment of an insurance fund aimed at safeguarding the physical condition of these documents. To comprehensively enhance the progress and understanding of civil society, there are plans to publish and circulate research articles and reports on the specified subject, culminating in pamphlets and collections within the scientific and educational realm. Furthermore, periodic exhibitions featuring archival documents will be hosted in the exhibition hall of the “National Archive of Armenia” State Non-Profit Organization (SNPO), both physically and in an online format.


Mission Armenia Charitable NGO           

Budget: 4,800,000 AMD

The objective of the project titled «Digitization of Archival Records of Displaced Individuals from Azerbaijan (1988-1992)» is to finalize the digitization process of approximately 26,000 cases of archival documents related to displaced individuals from Azerbaijan during the years 1988-1992. This initiative aims to complete the electronic database for the Migration and Citizenship Service of the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs, ensuring that it is thoroughly digitized. This achievement will result in a well-organized and easily accessible electronic database, ensuring the protection of personal data and the archival preservation of documents, thus preventing further deterioration. This project represents a continuation of a previous initiative funded by EPF/SIDA, which initially commenced the digitization of cases for the Migration Service's electronic database.

This project is the continuation of the "Civil Society Support for Ensuring Reforms" project


 “Enhancing the Impact of Civil Society Development” project is implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation with the support of Swedish Government.