Article 27: Right to Freedom of Expression (2009 - 2013)

Sensitive Topics, Bright People, Respectful Dialogue for Change

Voice of the people: opinions on the 2013 Article 27 talk shows

Feedback of Article 27 (March-April-2013) (193.66 KBytes)

Article 27: Right to Freedom of Expression talk show series was launched in 2009, when Eurasia Partnership Foundation started implementing the Freedom of Expression project supported by the British Embassy in Yerevan. The show is on air to date, with the 58th talk show on citizen journalism issues in Armenia. The series of Article 27 can be seen at The series were launched to openly discuss sensitive issues related to freedom of expression on TV using locally or internationally produced documentaries on freedom of expression. Topics included national security, right to freedom of assembly and freedom of information, submissive daughters-in-law, contemporary art, tacit infiltration of poetry into everyday life, diplomatic role of rock-and-roll in the Armenian reality and protection of property rights.

To ensure a wide spectrum of views on the discussed subjects, journalists, representatives of government agencies and civil society, experts, professors and students are invited to participate in the talk shows. They give voice not only to the people of the capital but also to those in the regions of Armenia who are usually deprived from the opportunity to publicly express their views.Over time, the range of topics widened, encompassing a variety of other issues, such as Armenia-Turkey rapprochement, Religious Tolerance, Armenia-Azerbaijan relations, youth leadership and young people’s perspectives on these issues. The channel that took up EPF’s call was Yerkir Media TV. Boris Navasardyan, President of Yerevan Press Club has been anchoring the show in its early days; since 2012 Gevorg Ter-Gabrielyan, Eurasia Partnership Foundation director is anchoring the program.

In 2009, 12 guests took part in each talk show, however since 2011 EPF has changed the format, limiting the number of invitees to five people. Also, the design of the studio set has been enhanced to increase the visual appeal for viewers. The format of Article 27 presupposes a video material or a documentary up to 5 minutes accompanied by a discussion that lasts another 35 minutes. All shows are broadcast twice by Yerkir Media TV, also via satellite, and rebroadcast by Hamaspyur regional TVs network in five regions of Armenia. According to the rating by AGB Nielsen Media Research Company, only in Yerevan the talk shows had 3,000 viewers on average per airing, while some topics could bring the number up to 17,000 in the capital alone.