Expanding Economic Ties with Turkey (2014-2016)

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The Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD), together with Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), currently implement a project entitled ‘Expanding Economic Ties with Turkey’ (EETT), funded by USAID.

The project’s goal is to promote mutually beneficial economic partnerships and market linkages between Armenia- and Turkey-based businesses and non-governmental organizations in the dried fruits, dairy processing and greenhouse sectors. The objectives of the project are: (1) To develop and nurture lasting partnerships between non-governmental organizations, entities and businesses from Armenia and Turkey; and (2) To promote joint business activities between Armenia and Turkey through the exchange of technical expertise and increased business transactions in the dairy, dried fruits and greenhouse sectors.

EPF is using its expertise in conflict-transformation and facilitated dialogue across borders to assure the communication and transactions between businesses from Armenia and Turkey are effective. In particular, EPF will teach the involved businesses about cross-cultural communication principles, will provide logistical support in organizing agritours, large-scale events, public presentations, as well as will help in developing recommendations to further improve policies governing bilateral business interactions.

The project will have the following results: (1) Armenian agribusinesses developed awareness of the cooperation opportunities with Turkish companies; (2) new business partnerships established between companies from the two countries; (3) agribusinesses from Turkey and Armenia exchanged products, services, technical expertise; (4) experts from Turkey acquired additional expertise on Armenia’s market capacities; (5) a sustainable support mechanism established for Armenian agribusinesses interested in trade with Turkey.