Study. Expanding Economic Ties with Turkey: Agribusiness

This study aims to identify the agricultural trade potential between Armenia and Turkey by product and experience groups. In our study we are going to find the answers to the following questions: which fields are the perspective trade opportunities for Armenia and Turkey; on which product groups Armenian and Turkish export flows can be expanded; how trade liberalization between Armenia and Turkey would impact bilateral trade flows in overall and by sectors; is there any possibility to enhance the regional trade between Armenia and Turkey.

Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD), together with Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), proposes a project entitled ‘Expanding Economic Ties with Turkey’ project in response to USAID’s Request for Proposals. The project envisages to establish mutually beneficial partnerships between Agribusinesses and related stakeholders in Armenia and Turkey, as a way to improve reconciliation and rapprochement with Turkey.

The goal of the “Expanding Economic Ties with Turkey” project is to promote mutually beneficial economic partnerships and market linkages between Armenian and Turkish non-governmental counterparts in the targeted sectors of agribusiness in Armenia and Turkey.