Tatevik Papazyan

Tatevik Papazyan

Tatevik Papazyan

Program Associate

Tatevik Papazyan joined EPF as an intern in January 2017, initially supporting EPF’s operational systems and administrative tasks. Since 2018, she has been involved in projects within EPF’s Good Governance and Community Development portfolio.

Specifically, Tatevik has managed multiple projects under EPF’s Good Governance and Civil Society Development program portfolios, including Civic Engagement in Local Governance (CELoG), Media for Informed Civic Engagement (MICE), Civil Society Support for Ensuring Impact on Reforms, Community Poverty Reduction “Know-How” and Locally-led Action for Development of the Goris community. Her responsibilities have included overseeing sub-granted initiatives focused on community development, strategic planning, communication, public participation in community life, local advocacy work, and prioritizing community needs.

Tatevik has contributed to the development of methodology and organization of the School for Local Democracy (SLD), which has educated numerous community activists in topics such as local governance, strategic communication, public administration reform, rights-based governance, community strategic planning, and participatory mechanisms. Additionally, she managed small community-level projects and local initiatives implemented by SLD participants after successful completion of the program.

She played a role in developing the Municipal Capacity Enhancement Tool, a unique mechanism to assess local governments' strengths and weaknesses, policies, and procedures for public service delivery. Tatevik participated in testing and piloting this tool in several local governments.

Tatevik supervised EPF's InfoTun Network operations, comprising local hubs in all 10 regions of Armenia. These hubs promote media literacy, critical thinking and public participation in local governance, conduct research, engage community members, and execute small-scale initiatives to foster community development. She designed capacity-building programs, methodologies, conducted needs assessments for various community actors and public institutions, organized and facilitated public discussions, developed strategic planning methodologies with the engagement of local government representatives, civil society organizations, private sector, and community activists, and developed local advocacy plans.

Tatevik participated in professional trainings on governance and advocacy, including the “Institute on Critical Thinking, Leadership, and Advocacy” organized by International Alert in Slovakia. She also attended the “Swedish Academy for Young Professionals” program organized by the Swedish Institute and Lund University, focusing on multi-level governance, decentralization, and human rights.

Before joining EPF, Tatevik worked at Armenia Insurance LLC as an insurance contracts operator and seller. Prior to that, she interned at Rosgosstrakh Armenia and Ingo Armenia insurance companies.

Tatevik holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) Department of Insurance, which she completed in 2016.