Monitoring of Conflict of Interest in Central Public Institutions

This report has been elaborated within the EC funded Action Engaging Civil Society in Monitoring Conflict of Interests. The project is conducted in four EaP countries (Armenia, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine) by six partner CSOs (TI-Moldova, Transparency International Anticorruption Center (TI-Armenia), Eurasia Partnership Foundation, TI-Ukraine, Stefan Batory Foundation and the Ukrainian Public Policy Institute.

The first year of the implementation of this Action was focused on strengthening the capacities of the Action Partner organisations to monitor conflict of interests (CoI) in central public institutions. As the result, the partner organisations conducted the following four types of activities:

  • expertise of the legal framework that regulates CoI and main requirements to the mechanism of its implementation;
  • conducting opinion polls of public servants from central public authorities and main conclusions that can be drawn from such a poll;
  • conducting focus group of representatives of HR and internal control departments on main difficulties met when implementing CoI policies;
  • official requests of information to the monitored central public institutions and analysis of responses;
  • elaborating policy recommendations to improve CoI policy.

The current country report was elaborated by TI-Armenia and Eurasia Partnership Foundation in Armenia. Its’ potential beneficiaries are public servants, particularly decision makers, civil society and mass-media. International organisations monitoring the country performances in the field of good-governance and anti-corruption can also find it informative.