Closed border dialogue


"Closed border dialogue" documentary film was produced by Versus Studio in the framework of "Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process" program funded by the European Union.

The film tells about Armenian-Turkish relations including the initial engagement between the newly independent Armenia and Turkey in 1991-1992 to closing of Armenia-Turkey border in 1993, the appearance of the Armenian Genocide issue in Armenia’s foreign policy agenda in 1998-2008, the works of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission in 2001-2004, Hrant Dink’s assassination in 2007, and the Armenia-Turkey protocols and “football” diplomacy in 2008-2010.

Authors: Tigran Paskevichyan and Ara Shirinyan.

Film duration: 55 minutes

Language: English

The film is available with French and Turkish subtitles.