Towards Adoption of Anti-discrimination Legislation in Armenia (2015)


Towards Adoption of Antidiscrimination Legislation in Armenia project was funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The project’s goal was to conduct a series of debates and discussions with Armenian government and civil society to increase the understanding on the issues of discrimination and on the need of adoption of antidiscrimination legislation. The objectives of the project were to boost the understanding that anti-discrimination measures were needed among the Armenian government, civil society and general public and to support the efforts of the government and of the international community to produce strong and all-encompassing anti-discrimination legislation, in the future to be accepted by the parliament and by the population. The project activities included legal analyses and survey, round table and public discussions, producing a case-based educational documentary film, online talk shows, and trainings for NGOs and media.


Is it expedient to adopt a separate ‘non-discrimination law’?

This survey has been conducted in order to find out whether a separate non-discrimination law is needed for the domestic legal system of Armenia as an effective remedy for people who claim to be victims of discrimination.

Research on Anti-discrimination (2015)