EPF and Youth Bank work on Environment

Youth Bank Armenia

Through its Youth Bank program alone, EPF has trained at least 80 young volunteers, who arpromoters of the environmental protection. Activists implement small-scale projects to solve concrete problems in their communities. Every year, they implement up to 50 small projects, approximately 30% of them have focused on issues related to the environment, such as trainings on environmental hazards, urban pollution, healthy livingtree-planting, garbage and waste removal from villages and touristic sights, ecological campaigns. Most projects focus on the affect of human behaviour on environmental degradation and preservation measures. In April, 2012 YB committees organized environmental projects in 10 regions of Armenia as part of theGlobal Youth Service Day. In 2011 Narek Beglaryan, a YB member from Yeghegnadzor was assigned as coordinator of AARHUS regional program; a center promoting public participation in sustainable environmental protection in the regions of Armenia, supported by OSCE. Many international organizations consult with YB members when designing their environmental programs to be implemented in small communities. Through the InfoTun project, citizen journalists trained by EPF, share with local public urgent ecological concerns, specifically the issues of natural resource utilization, community preparedness to preserve their resources.