EPF Armenia is Looking for a Copywriter/Copyeditor


POSITION: Copywriter/Copyeditor Consultant

OPENING DATE: March 1, 2023



Purpose of the job:

Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) is looking for talented and skilled copywriters/copyeditors for producing high-quality, compelling and engaging content that resonates with our stakeholders, partners and donors. We are looking for a native English speaker, desirably with experience in nonprofit and international development area, particularly in/for Armenia. She/he will work collaboratively with EPF’s senior leadership, communications and program teams, the fundraiser and EPF partners (if any).


Main responsibilities:

  • Edit and proofread EPF’s written materials to make them engaging for readers; ensure accuracy, consistency, and alignment with EPF guidelines.
  • Develop, write and/or edit clear, concise, and compelling copy from provided drafts for various channels including website, print, and social media.
  • Read project reports, project descriptions, and other promotional and analytical materials and evaluations, suggest how they could become compelling stories and develop such stories.
  • Collaborate with EPF program and communications teams to understand the messaging and tailor copy accordingly.
  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends and apply best practices to content development and communication strategy.
  • When needed, work cross-functionally with EPF team, partners and grantees to obtain information and feedback for use in copy development.
  • Ensure all copy complies with legal and ethical standards, as well as EPF’s policies and guidelines.
  • Share and discuss draft versions of content with EPF team, incorporate feedback and revisions.
  • Support EPF with institutional memory development on prospective partners, experts, consultancies etc., communication-related and beyond, in Armenia and abroad.


The ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Degree in English, Journalism, Communications or related field.
  • Native speaker of English language.
  • Experience as a copywriter/copyeditor.
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills.
  • Strong portfolio that demonstrates exceptional writing skills and creativity.
  • Ability to understand complex issues and complicated texts.
  • Ability to analyze texts, including research, and identify major points beneficial for communication based on audience.
  • Ability to develop versions of texts depending on audience: tailor texts to the development-specialized audience versus decision-makers.
  • Ability to make non-profit original texts into compelling reading material.
  • Ability of basic design of leaflets, brochures and other such materials, including text and photos.
  • Excellent attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.


Expected additional skills:

  • Capacity to follow deadlines.
  • Capacity to fast adapt and orientate in the professional areas outside the prior expertise of the incumbent.
  • Capacity to proactively do desk research, collect data and interviews and reshape them into well-written texts.


Type of service provision:

EPF will conclude an annual framework contract with the consultant(s), provide them an advance notice of upcoming copywriting needs. The work may take place partly on-line and partly off-line. The incumbent will be paid based on a negotiated rate.


Attention: This is a consultancy with periodic contracting, not a permanent job position.


How to apply:

Please send a letter explaining your qualifications with a CV and examples of your work as an attachment to the [email protected].


In the subject line of your e-mail message please indicate your name and the position you are applying for, e.g. Copywriting/Copyediting Consultant_First Name, Last Name