Competitive Grant Announcement “Crisis Response” (Closed)



“Civic Engagement, Capacity Building and Crisis Response” Programme

Competitive Grant Announcement “Crisis Response”

Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) invites NGOs, initiative groups, and individuals located in Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) or outside of the region to apply to the “Crisis Response” competitive grant opportunity.

The grant opportunity is part of the “Civic Engagement, Capacity Building and Crisis Response” programme implemented by Eurasia Partnership Foundation and funded by the European Union.

The purpose of the grant opportunity is to support civil society actors through the implementation of effective grant projects to identify, evaluate, and effectively address the post-war political, economic, social, psychological, cultural and other consequences of the war.

What projects are we looking for?

Through grant projects it is planned to support the implementation of ideas that will contribute to the following in Armenia and/or NK:

  • Providing psycho-social support to people affected by the war or post-war developments.
  • Implementation of non-formal cultural, youth and educational projects aimed at overcoming post-war tensions and trauma.
  • Community development initiatives, in particular in war-torn communities and/or in communities where persons affected by the war and by post-war developments have been resettled.
  • Involvement of youth in solving community problems.
  • The development of social and micro-entrepreneurship and the promotion of start-ups, especially among persons affected or displaced by the war and by post-war developments and/or in their communities.
  • Development of civic journalism and media field.
  • The protection of human rights, in particular in relation to those affected or displaced by war or post-war developments.
  • The implementation of other important initiatives that will effectively address the post-war political, economic, social, psychological and cultural consequences and issues.

Main terms of the grant:

  • Deadline for submission of applications: July 31, 2021.
  • Budget: 1,000,000 - 12,000,000 AMD (in exceptional cases a larger amount may be provided).
  • Project duration: up to 10 months.
  • Projects must be completed by August 1, 2022.

Other conditions:

  • Cooperation during the project with other organizations, both non-profit and private sector, located in Armenia, NK or other countries is encouraged.
  • Cooperation with foreign or international organizations operating in Armenia can also be suggested.
  • The project can fund small-scale renovations if the need arises from the logic of the project, especially in those communities that have suffered during the war or post-war developments.
  • Furniture and equipment (including computer hardware and software) can be purchased if the need arises from project operations.

Who can apply?

Non-profit non-governmental organizations, foundations and other non-commercial, non-profit organizations registered in Armenia, NK or abroad, as well as unregistered initiative groups and individuals residing and/or operating in Armenia and NK.

How to apply?

The application for the grant program and the required accompanying documents should be sent to [email protected] by the deadline, July 31, 2021, stating Crisis Response_the name of your organization/project (in Latin letters) in the subject line.

For all questions and clarifications you can contact:


Required documents:

1. Project application in accordance with the form in Annex 1.

2. Project budget and budget explanation in accordance with the form in Annex 2.

3. Curriculum vitae (CVs) of the project implementers.

4. Additional documents:

- if the applicant is an organization, it is necessary to submit a copy of the state registration certificate of the organization and a copy of the title page of the charter, which sets out the goals and mission

- if the applicant is an initiative group, it is necessary to submit a copy of the leader's passport

- if the applicant is an individual, it is necessary to submit a copy of the passport of the individual applicant

5. You can attach additional documents or materials that are directly related to or justify any action or previous experience mentioned in the project.

For projects which pass the preliminary selection stage, the following additional documents will be required:

1) In the case of organizations: a reference from the relevant territorial inspectorate that the organization has no tax liabilities.

2) In the case of organizations: the completed Grants Management Questionnaire, which will be provided.

3) In the case of organizations, initiative groups and individuals: a reference from the bank regarding their bank accounts (AMD and Euro[1]).

Selection procedure and criteria:

The grant will be awarded on a competitive basis. All applications received that meet the tender requirements will be evaluated by a panel of EPF experts and international partners, based on the evaluation criteria.

Evaluation criteria:

1. Justification of the need(s) for the project.

2. The project does not repeat actions already undertaken by the applicant or other organizations, and it can supplement and develop what has already been done.

3. Compliance of the project with the objectives outlined in this announcement.

4. Compliance of the proposed action plan and time schedule with the objectives of the project.

5. The feasibility of the expected results.

6. Sustainability of results after the completion of the project.

7. Budget compliance with the project plan; efficiency.

Attention: the program does not foresee the distribution of humanitarian aid

This initiative is implemented within the framework of the "Civic Engagement, Capacity Building and Crisis Response" programme, funded by the European Union.

[1] In the case of foreign applicants