CoI Focus group meeting

On July 25th, 2014 Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Transparency International Anti-corruption Center have organized a focus group meeting with involvement of representatives of institutions and management of staffs of Armenian ministries on current state of implementation of Conflict of Interest (CoI) policies, existing legislative and institutional gaps, as well as opinions on the level of understanding of CoI in state institutions. The meeting was organized within the framework of the EU funded Engaging Civil Society in Monitoring Conflict of Interest Policies project.

The meeting participants included representatives of EPF and TIAC as well as Public Service Council of RA, RA Ethics Commission of High-ranked officials, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Urban Development, State Academy of Public Administration and State Academy of Public Administration.

The outcomes of this meeting should complement to the results the analysis of the official inquiries to all Armenian ministries and the review of the legislative framework implemented by Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center Armenia, as well as of the survey implemented by EPF in 7 Ministries in November 2013-May 2014 via affirming the conclusions and answering the questions that the survey results have left or revealed.
As it was indicated by the survey the problems existing in sphere of implementation of CoI policies are of systemic nature. The legislation, the institutional framework, the practice and perceptions of CoI in state institutions do not coincide with each other. The major reason for this is that on the level of system of values, the notion of CoI is not well formulated and understood, thus it is not well reflected in the legislation.