Vahram Martirosyan - The Fish / I / The Friend / Cotton Walls

Vahram Martirosyan started publishing early. He is the author of two collections of poetry. From the first years of the Pannational Movement (1989), that brought Armenia to independence, Vahram Martirosyan took up political journalism. He founded and led one of the first independent informational-analytical programs for Public Television. In 2000 he left television, announcing that he intended to lead the life of a professional writer. At the end of the same year, Martirosyan’s novel Landslide was published, becoming the first Armenian bestseller since independence. Soon the novel was translated and published in Hungarian, Russian, Azerbaijani and French. In 2001 Martirosyan became the co-founder and co-editor of the Bnagir literary internet site and its printed collections. The nonconformist writers united around Bnagir, as it put forward new criteria for freedom and broad-mindedness into Armenian literature. In 2002 Vahram Martirosyan published Disguised in the Name of the Cross, a historical novel. In 2005 he pulished The Owls, in 2015 Love in Moscow (a novel), and in 2019 Cotton Walls, an excerpt from which is included in this collection. Vahram has also written screenplays and has translated prose and poetry from Russian, French, Spanish, English, and Hungarian into Armenian.