Hrach Beglaryan - The Oak in the Nail / Waiting for the General

Hrach Beglaryan was born in the village of Lernavan, in the Lori region, and currently lives in the town of Sevan. Hrach is a Candidate of Historical Sciences and a member of the Writers’ and Journalists’ Unions of Armenia. He is an author of two dozen literary and academic books and translations. The most well-known books are The Call of the Land (1996), The Oak and the Nail (2013), Charkakap (2014), and the collection of poems Paradise Window (2004). He has published several novels: Year of the Dwarf (2009), Tlol David (2009), Square (2011), There Were Angels in the Sun (2016), and Beyond the Milky Way (2020). His works have been translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, and Swedish.