Problems of Early Marriage and School Dropouts in the Yezidi Community in Armenia

“The problem of early marriage and school dropouts in the Yezidi community in Armenia” report was produced within the Empowerment of Yezidi Women and Girls in Armenia Project implemented by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, supported by the Bulgarian Development Aid.

The report comprises two parts. The first part – Literature Review – was prepared by Expert Alina Hovhannisyan, with reliance on academic literature, international practices, and official statistics. The second part of the report builds on analysis of the survey findings, administered by the Center for Educational Research and Consulting in September–November 2021. The survey report was prepared by Marina Galstyan, an expert from the Center for Educational Research and Consulting.

To accomplish the survey, the Center worked closely with “Sinjar” National Yezidi Union NGO.

The report focuses on the problem of school dropouts among children from Yezidi community, representing the largest ethnic minority in Armenia.