EPF and Culture, Literature and Art

EPF’s long-term involvement in the culture and art sector has been directed towards articulation of the compelling issues in the Armenian society via arts and culture and creating links between various stakeholders. The engagement varies from providing capacity building for the culture and art NGOs and institutions to the direct involvement in fieldwork, e.g. architectural assessments of ancient Armenian cultural sites in Turkey, as well as supporting the build-up of connections and cooperation in the field of literature, film production and music. In November 2017, EPF conducted a training for the CSO leaders in the field of culture and art for the improvement of sustainable management, development of cultural experiences, branding and fundraising skills through the use of new business models. During the training, experts shared theoretical and practical approaches to the management of cultural institutions, introduced social entrepreneurship approaches in content creation, fundraising and business, as well as in software management and in creative and cultural spheres.