Susanna Harutyunyan - Grandfather’s Death in My Act / A Red-Crested Dawn / The Mighty End / House of Horror / God Has Passed Through Here / The Sun Is The Face of The Lord, and We Behold It Every Day

Susanna Harutyunyan was born in 1963 in Karchaghbyur village in the Vardenis region of Armenia. She graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University. Her first short story, When I Was a Fairy Tale, was published in 1974 in the youth newspaper of Soviet Armenia. She is author of more than ten collections of stories. Susanna Harutyunyan is a recipient of the Presidential Prize for fiction in Armenia (2015). Her works have been translated into several languages. Her prose has been published in Russian in literary magazines Druzhba Narodov and Zvezda, literary weekly Literaturnaya Gazeta, in the collection of stories of the South Caucasus writers Yuzhniy Kavkaz, and in many other magazines and collections. The play Harmony was translated into Persian and staged in 2000 in Iran. Her novel, Ravens Before Noah, was translated in English in 2019 and published in London. In 2011, together with the Edit Print publishing house, she established the writers’ club Kayaran, with a literary magazine of the same name that she edits. Kayaran and Edit Print hold an annual competition of literary works for schoolchildren, called Hasker, and publish story collections for children. In collaboration with the Alajajyan Foundation Susanna Harutyunyan administers the Stepan Alajajyan writers’ competition. In 2019 she established a literary-cultural NGO, Grakan Kayaran.