CSO Sustainability Strategy. Grants

CSO DePo “CSO Sustainability Strategy” Grant Supports 21 Projects

The Civil Society Organizations Development Program (CSO DePo), implemented by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation in a consortium with local partners, launched its “CSO Sustainability Strategy” grants program to be implemented from February or March 2018.

CSO DePo received over 120 applications from across the country in response to an open call for project proposals. Of those, twenty-one were selected for funding. This grant opportunity will allow seventeen CSOs to strengthen their organizational capacity and sustainability through innovative solutions, staff training, and development of procedural norms, introduction of effective systems, and other tools. The remaining four CSOs will implement projects targeting the development of the CSO sector as a whole.

Under the second direction - aiming to contribute to CSO sector development and creating resources, methods and tools to increase CSO sustainability – the following four projects were selected:

Child Development Foundation (CDF)

Project: Let’s Learn to Play to Develop

In order to improve the service providing capacities and methods to CSOs working in the field of child protection and development, the Child Development Foundation plans to develop a capacity building module with three major focuses. These are, “Using games in teaching and child education,” developing two new games in cooperation with training participants, and conducting trainings for CSO representatives from 5 targeted regions (Lori, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Armavir and Yerevan). The methodology “How to develop and use games in therapy with children” will be dispersed among various organizations along with experts in the field, and will be publically available. Two new games are created to be part of the mentioned methodology. The expected outcome of the project: about 10 beneficiary CSOs from 5 regions learn and apply new methods as part of their services. CDF currently provides services to children with disabilities and their families. The services include rights protection and healthy development through various trainings and therapies, which in the long run promote an inclusive society. The organization has been developing a specific methodology of art and game therapy for working with children since 2009.

Alternative Project Group Expert NGO

Project: Legislative Alternatives

The Alternative Projects Expert Group aims to create alternative legislative initiatives and amendments to the National Assembly. The founding members of the group are public and political figures, who, as former MPs of the National Assembly (NA), have valuable experience in the law-making process and building NA-CSO cooperation. In order to summarize the APEG’s expertise into a methodology useful for CSOs, the NGO will build its capacity to provide training and develop a ‘step-by-step’ guide titled “from grassroots to law-makers” to increase legal literacy of CSOs which strive to solve problems at the grassroots level and advocate for legislative change.

Project outcomes include: a resource portal for CSOs where they find relevant materials, resources, and contacts, as well as the opportunity to upload their suggestions and proposals in order to find other supporting CSOs for lobbying.

Trainings will be delivered to at least 50 CSOs in Yerevan and in three regions of Armenia (Shirak, Lori and Syunik). A guide book will be accompanied with a brief explanatory video on how to articulate an issue and access law-makers. At least 10 CSOs will receive in depth consultancy and mentorship for developing and submitting an initiative or amendment requests. APGE NGO staff will organize tours to observe sessions of target committees within the NA and build linkages among CSOs and NA standing committees.

Civic Development and Partnership Foundation (CDPF)

Project: Establishment of Social Enterprise Center (SE Center)

In order to support the increasing number of CSOs running social enterprises with on-going consultancy in effective business management, CDPF plans to establish a “Social Enterprise Center.” The SE Center will engage business experts in CSO support fields, and analyze existing studies, surveys and issues in the field of SE in Armenia to better support tailored consultancy services and the establishment of SE in Armenia. Additional resources on legal, financial and administrative management will be produced and distributed. CDPF will launch its consultancy services with 9 pilot SE’s selected from the Gegharkunik, Lori and Armavir regions. The SE Center will gradually introduce paid services to CSOs and Social enterprises to ensure sustainability of the project outputs.

CDPF has more than a decade’s experience in CSO capacity building in Armenia, in development and provision of training and in consultancy services for CSOs. The newly appointed Director of the organization comes with a strong background in developing financial services for CSOs and social projects. The SE consultancy will strengthen CDPF’s position as one of the lead CSO support organizations in Armenia. CDPF will consider developing its own SE based on the consultancy service developed through the SE Center.

4. Journalists for Future NGO (JFF)

Project: Key to Open Data for CSOs

In order to promote data-supported problem analysis, data visualization for reporting and strategic thinking skills among Armenian CSOs, JFF NGO will summarize its own expertise of data use and visualization into a capacity building module and guide for CSOs. As a result of the Project, JFF will develop a training module for CSOs and a guidebook available for all interested CSOs. At least 10 CSOs selected through an open call will learn and apply local and global open data sources and solid sources of information, while revealing the sectorial problems to make strategic recommendations, and present information through user-friendly data visualization methods. These skills can be useful for most of the CSOs in their communication and fundraising efforts.

The JFF has considerable expertise in data analysis and visualization, which is used for fact checking and journalist investigations, as part of their mission to empower independent journalism in Armenia.

CSO funded under “Support sustainability strategy for individual CSOs” direction:

Armavir Development Center (ADC)

Project: ADC NGO Electronic Management System

“Focus” Art CSO

Project: Development of Focus Educational Research Library

Astghavard NGO

Project: New Way

Azatan Community Center NGO

Project: Partner’s hand

Sose Women's Issues NGO

Project: “Sose" NGO’s sustainable development

Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO

Project: Institutional development for sustainability

Hye Santa Charity Foundation

Project: “Reducing the poverty via alternative methods of  visualization through media and multiple stakeholder networking”.

SME Cooperation Association NGO

Project: SME CA development

Disability - Info NGO

Project: Institutional Development for Effective Management

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities NGO

Project: Visibility and external communication for organization's empowerment

Armenian Book Center

Project: START! Youth Book Gathering

Skarp Health Center NGO

Project: Reform and Stability

Spitak Helsinki Group Human Rights NGO

Project: Strengthening Spitak Helsinki Group

Child and Family Development Center Foundation

Project: Ssustainability and Knowledge for Secure Future

Mayri NGO

Project: Mayri NGO’s Capacity development

Agate NGO

Project: Sustainable organization - effective advocacy

Journalists for Human Rights NGO

Project: Human Rights Oversight by Journalists