School for Local Democracy

School for Local Democracy (SLD) is a signature product developed within the framework of the USIAD funded Civic Engagement for Local Government (CELoG) project by Community Finance Officers’ Association (CFOA), Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) and Information Systems Training and Development Center (ISDTC). The SLD is a multi-component non-formal educational course that offers its participants knowledge and skills necessary for effective civic participation in democratic governance on local level. The course consists of lectures and workshops on such topics as structure and functions of local self-government bodies, the community budget, local development plan, participatory tools, right-based local government, as well critical thinking, communication skills, monitoring and evaluation tools, advocacy and fundraising skills, etc.

SLD is an example of project-based learning and provides participants with an opportunity to exercise their skills via small community projects. Throughout the past 2 years the CELoG consortium has conducted two phases of SLD trainings in all regions of Armenia with engagement of more than 1500 young people and implementation of around 60 projects. In addition to the two phases of regional trainings the Consortium has also developed and launched an online SLD platform offering the users with the whole spectrum of SLD training. The SLD graduates are also members of the Alumni network that was created to provide young people with various networking and communication opportunities, as well as a special Alumni find to continue community development, advocacy and awareness raising projects.