EPF’s Advocacy Efforts and Influence On Armenian Legislation

For many years Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), with the support of its donors, and in collaboration with a variety of partners and networks, has been engaged in advocacy work, aiming at influencing the policies of the Armenian government in the areas related to human rights and freedoms. This work has been based on thorough analysis and planning, creative advocacy, and flexibility. A serious advocacy impact requires, apart from a thorough study of the need and developing evidence-based recommendations, also communication skills to constructively engage with decision-makers, and a long-term perspective. It is thanks to this perspective (that EPF’s donors have given it over the years that EPF) can claim important results. After acquiring significant locally-tailored advocacy experience, in recent years EPF also supports and motivates its sub-grantees to use the same approach in their work, thereby expanding the culture of successful policy advocacy in Armenia. Below are examples of some of the notable advocacy processes that EPF and the civil society of Armenia have undertaken.